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A healthy, stress-free life is a gift in today’s day and age. YOGATECH was formed in Mumbai by yoga proponent Biswanath Saha , 23 years back , to teach the ancient art of Yoga to create harmony of the physical, mental and spiritual body to bring about well-being and a sense of peace.

Over the last  two years, there have been scheduled programme and classes that are conducted full time in an open, beautiful environment in Mumbai, India. This studio offers a unique experience of being surrounded by trees and performing asanas while listening to the chirping of the birds.

The YOGATECH programme comprises three classes each week. Acharya  Biswanath Saha teaches a combination of Sivananda Yoga and other best practices that deals with Obesity , Thyroid, Diabetes and severe chronic problems like Blood pressure , cholesterol , various pains and aches of the body . The trainers at YOGATECH teaches each students the correct techniques to be practiced at all times. Each yoga class begins with Pranayama and is only complete with relaxation that helps an individual unwind. Persons ranging from 10-70 years of age are eligible to join the training , though early the one starts , the better it is.

Moreover, the centre imparts special sessions for kids, pregnant women and people interested in or prescribed meditation. The training centre is open to corporate tie-ups as well .

In the context of the current lifestyle of every individual , YOGATECH is the perfect place to help people enjoy healthier, stress-free lifestyle, to tone-up and also to lose weight.

About Us

Biswanath Saha, who started YOGATECH, has been teaching Yoga for over two decades in India.He is an internationally certified yoga teacher from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta forest academy and holds a Masters in Science in biochemistry from BUDCT.

From a young age he has been drawn towards physiology, philosophy, psychology and spirituality. This influenced him to learn Vippasana, Kriya Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Siddha Samadhi yoga and various other allied practices til he began his training in Sivananda Yoga. At the end of this learning journey, he believed that a combination of all the asanas he has learnt from various practices along with Sivananda yoga to be the most relevant approach for today’s lifestyle.

Acharya Biswanath lays emphasis on personal attention and correct technique to be followed at Yogatech which makes it easier for students to have an enjoyable and injury free learning. His yoga training since the last two decades in India has brought about radial changes to the lives of many people.


Prakash Shetty - “Life changing experience, really too good”

Shilpa - “Very Effective! Must GO for everyone who wants to lose weight and become fit.

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