Yoga for stress Management

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Yoga for stress Management

Somewhere along the line you may have decided you are simply not the yoga type. Sure, you've heard the raves about yoga for stress management, but you can barely touch your toes. So there's no way you're going to stand on your head or twist your foot behind your neck like a human pretzel. And meditate? Last time you tried to lie still for three minutes you ended up obsessing about the stack of bills on your desk and what to have for dinner. Not exactly Zen material.

But now that everyone in America seems to be acquainted with the physical and psychological benefits of yoga for stress management and more, you may be feeling a little left out. And so you should.

"The benefits of yoga include decreased stress and tension, increased strength and balance, increased flexibility, lowered blood pressure and reduced cortisol levels," says Beth Shaw, Founder/President of Yogafit Training Systems, Worldwide, Inc., in Torrance, Calif.



  • Yoga helps improve body circulation; this is often chiefly in terms of H2O retention within the body and blood circulation.
  • Yoga is Associate in Nursing necessary exercise in pregnant ladies since it will increase balance. many women stumble upon downside|a drag|a haul|a retardant|a tangle} in equalisation once pregnant so once they follow yoga this problem is countered. it's essential to notice that pregnant girls ar urged to avoid exhausting equalisation postures to avoid falling over.
  • Yoga helps stretch the body all told the attainable directions and areas so helps pregnant females to figure with the shift in body mass and fat that brings regarding many ladies to endure from back pain and sore hips. This conjointly helps get the body back to make once delivery.
  • Yoga helps pregnant girls to find out a way to breathe thus on calm the body. This helps them to agitate emotions round the dynamic body setting. Regulated respiratory helps calm the mind so bring a sense of peace. Breath work helps it tough|more easy|easier} throughout delivery considering that the respiratory follow throughout difficult postures prepares them for respiratory throughout Work and accouchement.
  • Yoga works on the hips, girdle alignment and leg space so creating them a lot of versatile, most ladies World Health Organization have practiced yoga have found it easier throughout delivery.
  • Yoga strengthens the abdominal muscles so helps re-tone abdomen muscles once they need stretched so helps carry the baby. This conjointly helps build it easier to push the baby through the passage throughout accouchement.
  • Yoga helps strengthen the girdle floor. several mothers lack bladder management once delivery however once change of integrity yoga practices they get over this issue quicker and fewer troublesome.