Yoga For Senior Citizen

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Yoga For Senior Citizen

With all the advent of medicine and technology, life span of a person has expanded over a period of time. This means that folks tend to live right up until age 80-90 easily. That they are fitter, healthy and active than in the past! Old era is an inevitable period. This is the period when yiu have more time to be around your family and adored ones. Also this is the time, unfortunately, when our system is not the most healthy and does not totally cooperate around! This is the time when illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues etc plants up and you do not respond very well to medications also. For the same time, senior years is a phase if you have much free time to make investments wisely in your health, mind, body and spirit! Yoga embodies mind, body and soul and raises a person from all ailments. Because it benefits kids and youngsters, why should seniors be left at the rear of?

Yoga poses are designed to balance all the chakras of your body and normalize blood stream and its pressure. The breathing techniques make you feel refreshed, calm and energized due to increase in blood flow. It will help in bettering your overall disease fighting capability which is very necessary in old age! Make sure you remember, this is the phase when your person is not very strong and supple, so do not push yourself too hard during exercises. Perform as much as possible only.



Remaining fit is a must a healthy mind and a healthy body is the key to a happy life. A healthy mind and relaxed spirit is the outcome of a healthy body. The moment you are young you can stick to a strict fitness routine and become a member of a gym. This helps you to maintain your body. However, this is difficult in many circumstances since one would not have enough time these days and nights. Busy routines and agendas, do not give people the required time to look after the health of their body. In old time it becomes essential to look after your body. At this age you can not neglect your body. You have to look closely at your body to stay healthy. Yet , at this age group it Is not possible for someone to work away. Then what can be done to have a healthy life.

Yoga, it's the option that senior residents can resort to. Rehearsing yoga while very young is a good habit and will a person away from any health problem at a later stage in your life. However, if you may not do it then now have crossed 50 and wish to practice Pilates, let me tell you it is never too late. Yoga can be opted for at the age of 50 or after crossing 50. In an old age the sort of exercise use you can actually determine whether you stay healthy or increase your health conditions. Wrong chosen exercise will hamper your physique much more.